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Cepheid, Inc.

  • CTO leading a group of 150+ global, cross-functional associates comprised of Cepheid’s dedicated early-stage Technology & Innovation Team (includes internal/organic innovation as well as outside/open innovation & tech scouting) and a dedicated Product Development unit (Biochip) focused on next-generation multiplex molecular diagnostics systems, software, consumables, and assays.
  • Responsibilities cover a $50M+ global budget with deliverables including fully functional prototypes of new technologies, systems, and assays into Cepheid’s product development business units, in addition to responsibility of the new Biochip product development unit to develop and launch (IVD) next-generation multiplex GeneXpert molecular diagnostics systems, software, consumables, and assays
  • Led the successful M&A close and integration of a pre-revenue company with technology that enables Cepheid’s next generation detection technologies, followed by team build-out, project planning, and product development initiation Drove and supported key open/external innovation initiatives for alternate molecular diagnostic platforms and technologies, at both Cepheid and Danaher levels
  • Continue to drive organic innovation initiatives around next-gen GeneXpert cartridge, host response assay applications, time-to-result, and other key projects to drive Cepheid’s future growth



Cepheid (Danaher)

Biomedical Diagnostic Institute - EMD Millipore


Gen-Probe (Hologic)

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBL)


Cepheid, Inc.

  • Technical and strategic leader of all early stage/pre-concept/innovation projects at Cepheid. Responsible for directly driving projects across a global team of 70+ scientists and engineers as well as driving innovation processes globally across the company to ensure tight alignment between innovation and strategy and a balanced portfolio of innovation projects.
  • Developed technical focus vectors for innovation initiatives and built and implemented a “light and fast” portfolio management + idea/project framework based on the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) format
  • Initiated multiple next-gen system innovation projects in support of extending and expanding the function of the GeneXpert system, including peripheral devices to enable new user workflows, a pipeline of next-gen GeneXpert systems, and an all new platform to improve the detection capabilities of the GeneXpert
  • Initiated and drove a major collaboration with an early-stage company focused on next-gen detection capabilities leading to a follow-on funded SOW and Danaher minority investment with option to further extend the business agreement and product development work
  • Initiated and led an innovation program to improve the time-to-result of critical point-of-care/CLIA-Waived GeneXpert assays
  • Drove multiple key customer implementation science projects including in-home Flu testing, mobile testing, and retail/pharmacy testing
  • Drove and/or contributed to multiple assay innovation projects focused on host-response based approaches to disease detection
  • Initiated and led a year long “voice-of-customer” project focused on next-gen, 10 year needs which included creating and adopting a customer visit process, visiting 45+ customer sites across multiple segments (hospital labs, urgent care settings, community clinics, pharmacies, etc.) across multiple geographies (China, India, Europe, US) which resulted in numerous new innovation projects, product development projects, and key changes/improvements to the company strategic direction
  • Key member of a senior 3-member Cepheid team tasked with leading the strategic planning process for Cepheid along with multiple diligence, strategic planning, technology roadmapping, and market work-up activities


Cepheid, Inc.

  • Special assignment individual-contributor role reporting directly to the Cepheid President/CEO as overall program lead for the new GeneXpert Omni system under development
  • Duties included overseeing the entire Omni cross-functional program from technical hardware and software (incl. cloud connectivity), marketing, NPI, instrument and consumable manufacturing, verification, validation, and IVD launch
  • Led a global core team of 40+ team members across the company to move the GeneXpert Omni through Technical Feasibility including the first real-world system test field studies in South Africa in collaboration with FIND
  • Included training, implementation, and refinement of multiple Danaher Business System (DBS) product development tools around program management/project scheduling, risk analysis, and technical problem solving to help accelerate progress across the board
  • Additional program responsibilities included leading the engineering grant writing initiatives that resulted in a multi-tens of millions of dollars contract from the US government to help accelerate validation and launch of the Omni platform
  • Additional key project during this time was acting as the sole program and technical lead on the GeneXpert Edge system to go from concept to CE-IVD launch in less than 15 months for Cepheid’s first system to feature battery power to support TB and HIV testing in low resource environments


Cepheid, Inc.

  • Cepheid’s technical program lead for the Biohazard Detection System (BDS), a national security partnership between Cepheid, United States Postal Service (USPS), and Northrop-Grumman (NG) to screen mail for Anthrax w/molecular testing
  • Led all of Cepheid’s technical, business, and customer aspects of the BDS program, including supply of consumable test cartridges to USPS and service/support of system hardware for NG (duties included forecasting, supply chain management, manufacturing management, shipping/transportation logistics, technical change control, contract negotiations, resolution of field issues, database management & monitoring, and regular partner meetings with both USPS & NG)
  • Successfully addressed several business continuity concerns with the BDS program while maintaining a $20 mil+ yearly revenue stream in a time of rapid change with USPS and mail demand
  • Established and led a new Engineering Consumables R&D group, which grew to 4 Engineers/Scientists in support of a strategic project to enable high-multiplexing PCR in Cepheid’s GeneXpert systems
  • Engineering R&D work included research, development, and testing of specific fluidic parts, establishing feasibility for injection molding of these parts as a new consumable cartridge component, and establishing PCR proof-of-concept
  • Additional Engineering R&D responsibilities included equipment/infrastructure updates to the R&D labs as well as to Cepheid’s molding/tooling facility, overall project schedule, budget, and deliverables tracking (including regular updates to the Senior Executive team), and cross-functional coordination to ensure manufacturing, software, hardware, and biological requirements are incorporated
  • Coached the individual Consumables R&D team members and developed the overall group to create a high-functioning, productive, and innovative product development team


Cepheid, Inc.

  • Worked as a project manager for Cepheid’s Research and Development groups, including Engineering, Systems Integration, Software, and BioAssay projects
  • Acted as the sole Systems/Software program/project manager, including projects for developing GeneXpert systems, GeneXpert software, and new consumables/cartridges
  • Duties included core team formation, schedule development and tracking, conflict management, resource management, risk management, and adherence to ISO 13485 from concept to product launch & post-market surveillance
  • Managed large, cross-functional, international core teams while significantly contributing to design, verification/validation, manufacturing, regulatory, and marketing initiatives, among others
  • Additional duties included strategic program planning at the Executive level and product lifecycle improvements
  • Successfully launched over 10+ IVD products in 2 years, including systems projects (Infinity-80 and Infinity-48s instruments, Xpert Calibration), software products (Xpertise and Dx product software), and assays (Xpert CT/NG, Xpert Flu)


Biomedical Diagnostics Institute - Dr. Jens Ducrée     

  • Worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the microfluidics group at the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute in Dublin, Ireland
  • Research work was focused on development of an automated, microfluidic immunoassay system in collaboration with Millipore, including integration of microfluidic sample prep, surface chemistry, fluorescence detection, and hardware systems
  • Other projects included a magnetics-based bioseparation platform, unique valving methods, and new surface chemistries
  • Also set up entirely new labs and installed new lab infrastructure, including process development and lab management
  • Additional tasks involved student mentoring and supervision, including the management of several M.S. and B.S. students


iGlyko, Inc.    

  • Worked on the development of an intravenous, fiber-optic glucose sensor for in-hospital tight glycemic control (TGC) using genetically engineered proteins, including co-founding a start-up company (iGlyko, Inc.)
  • General duties included setting up laboratory space and assisting in creation of research and business teams through training and recruitment
  • Scientific duties included management of a small team for fiber-optic system design, protein handling chemistries, hydrogel optimization, development of protocols, hardware automation, and detailed development planning
  • Established in vitro sensitivity & specificity proof-of-concept in whole blood
  • Business duties included business plan writing/presentations, searching for funding from investors (angels, investment bankers, and VCs), grant writing (SBIRs), and webmaster


UC Irvine - Dr. Marc Madou

  • Research for doctorate degree on development of microfluidic sample lysis, PCR, and DNA microarray hybridization platforms to integrate into a sample-to-answer system as part of a multi-million dollar, international Genome Québec initiative
  • Developed a microfluidic system for bacterial detection that combined cell lysis with real-time PCR as part of a DARPA-sponsored initiative within the unique MF3 center
  • Utilized microfabrication and manufacturing skills to create disposable, low-cost, polymer microfluidic devices both in and out of cleanroom facilities
  • Fabricated and automated platform instrumentation, including fluorescence detection systems, feedback control systems for thermocycling, and magnetic actuation systems for sample preparation
  • Research work also included handling and performing relevant biological assays, such as the optimization of qPCR reactions and the handling of blood/cells
  • Additional duties included lab management, webmaster, and numerous grant writing efforts (NIH, NSF, and others)


Hologic (formerly Gen-Probe) - Dr. Norm Nelson

  • Worked in Gen-Probe’s biochemistry R&D group on RNA amplification and detection assays
  • Developed and optimized various forms of transcription-mediated amplification (TMA) assay for prostate cancer diagnostics
  • Reactions were run in a 96-well plate format using real-time molecular probes for multiplexed detection
  • Work included designing and carrying out experiments as well as data analysis and quantitation
  • Additional tasks involved instrumentation optimization such as protocol development for magnetic bead-based target-capture and
    automated well-plate dispensing

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