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Dad and husband first, an engineer by training, a technical leader by experience, and an admirer of the outdoors.

A US citizen, I was born in Geneva, Switzerland and raised in California (San Francisco Bay Area) and Texas (near Dallas). I meandered down the I-5 to Southern California for my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at UCLA, and then bit further south for my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at
UC Irvine in Dr. Marc Madou’s Lab. Both were fantastic experiences, where I was surrounded by incredible people.

And along the way I was extremely lucky to have met Sara, my partner in life and beacon of sanity.

After graduate school finished, Sara and I moved to Dublin, Ireland for a short time where I worked as a researcher at the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute. Since coming back to the SF Bay Area, we have added 2 wonderful children (and a dog!) to the family. Sara is a beautiful and amazing math teacher, mother, and volunteer, our oldest daughter Clara loves reading and art, and our youngest Evelyn is a budding engineer. Watching the family learn, grow, and play is the best.

For over a decade I have been part of Cepheid, a medical diagnostics (PCR) company in the Silicon Valley. I am currently the Chief Technology Officer at Cepheid, helping chart a course for the company’s next chapter of growth after a wild few years helping with the global COVID response.

Some other things that interest me, in no particular order:

  • Hiking, backpacking, camping, and a tad of mountaineering
  • Playing guitar and drums (the latter of which I’m better at but don’t get to as often)
  • Photography (digital and b/w film)
  • Apple products in particular and consumer electronics in general
  • Breakfast
  • Tesla
  • California in general and the San Francisco Bay Area in particular
  • Never being on Facebook (but being on Twitter)
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Wine & Whiskey
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Dave Matthews Band

Jonathan Siegrist camping
Luna goldendoodle
Twitter @siegristj

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