1. 2013 : Analytica Chimica Acta Journal Paper                                                                                             

  1. BulletC. Nwankire, G. Donohoe, X. Zhang, J. Siegrist, M. Somers, D. Kurzbuch, R. Monaghan, M. Kitsara, R. Burger, S. Hearty, J. Murrell, C. Martin, M. Rook, L. Barrett, S. Daniels, C. McDonagh, R. O'Kennedy, and J. Ducee, 2013, At-Line Bioprocess Monitoring by Immunoassay with Rotationally Controlled Serial Siphoning and Integrated Supercritical Angle Fluorescence Optics, Analytica Chimica Acta, 781, 54-62. Link to PDF

2. 2013 : Analytica Chimica Acta Journal Paper

  1. BulletJ. Siegrist, V. Gubala, R. Monaghan, B. O’Reilly, R. Gandhiraman, S. Daniels, D. Williams, and J. Ducree, 2013, Simple Approach to Study Biomolecule Adsorption in Polymeric Microfluidic Channels, Analytica Chimica Acta, 760, 75-82. Link to PDF


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4. 2012 : Current Opinion in Chemical Biology Journal Paper

  1. BulletR. Burger, D. Kirby, M. Glynn, C. Nwankire, M. O’Sullivan, J. Siegrist, D. Kinahan, G. Aguirre, G. Kijanka, R. Gorkin, and J. Ducree, 2012, Centrifugal Microfluidics for Cell Analysis, Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 16, 1-6. Link to PDF

5. 2010 : Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical Journal Paper

  1. BulletJ. Siegrist, T. Kazarian, C. Ensor, S. Joel, M. Madou, P. Wang, and S. Daunert, 2010, Continuous Glucose Sensor Using Novel Genetically-Engineered Binding Polypeptides Towards In vivo Applications, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 149, 51-58. Link to PDF

6. 2010 : Lab on a Chip Review paper

  1. BulletR. Gorkin, J. Park, J. Siegrist, M. Amasia, B. Lee, J. Park, J. Kim, H. Kim, M. Madou, and Y. Cho, 2010, Centrifugal Microfluidics for Biomedical Applications, Lab on a Chip, 10, 1758–1773. Link to PDF

7. 2010 : Lab on a Chip journal paper   

  1. BulletJ. Siegrist, M. Amasia, N. Singh, D. Banerjee, and M. Madou, 2010, Numerical Modeling and Experimental Validation of Uniform Microchamber Filling in Centrifugal Microfluidics, Lab on a Chip, 10, 876-886. Link to PDF

8. 2010 : Lab on a ChiP journal paper   

  1. BulletJ. Siegrist, R. Gorkin, M. Bastien, G. Stewart, R. Peytavi, H. Kido, M. Bergeron, and M. Madou, 2010, Validation of a Centrifugal Microfluidic Sample Lysis and Homogenization Platform for Nucleic Acid Extraction with Clinical Samples, Lab on a Chip, 10, 363-371. Link to PDF

9. 2009 : Microfluidics and Nanofluidics journal paper

  1. BulletJ. Siegrist, R. Gorkin, L. Clime, E. Roy, R. Peytavi, H. Kido, M. Bergeron, T. Veres, and M. Madou, 2010, Serial Siphon Valving for Centrifugal Microfluidic Platforms, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 9, 55-63. Link to PDF

10. 2007 : Colloids and Surfaces B Journal Paper

  1. BulletG. Jia, J. Siegrist, C. Deng, J. Zoval, G. Stewart, R. Peytavi, A. Huletsky, M. Bergeron, and M. Madou, 2007, A Low-Cost, Disposable Card for Rapid Polymerase Chain Reaction, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces Special Edition, 58, 52-60. Link to PDF

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